Learn how to make a real-time translation service using the Agora Web SDK and Google Cloud.

Screenshot of the project we will be developing in this tutorial


Doing business globally is a goal for almost every company. …

Keep your application secure and authenticated.

When you’re building a real-time engagement application, security is of key importance (pun intended). Making sure users’ audio/video is visible only to the intended recipients is critical. …

Build a transcription and note-making service with this tutorial.


Transcription or closed-captioning has become a very common feature in most video conferencing applications.

This service is useful not only for people with impaired hearing but also for other situations. For example, transcribed text can be read when audio cannot be…

Last week, as I was giving a project review, my teammate forgot to turn off his microphone when someone in his room started talking to him. Our project review was interrupted by the chatter from his end, so we had to call and ask him to turn off his microphone.

I conduct regular workshops with my friends and have explored several live streaming platforms. My favourite platform for conducting online workshops is Airmeet. …

We all want our remote video conference attendees to feel like they can participate and are truly a part of the meeting. Interruptions and being talked over are two of the biggest meeting challenges for both remote and on-site workers.

Visually highlighting or differentiating the active speaker creates an organic…

Guided tutorial with code snippets.


Love talking to your friends or colleagues but feel current applications aren’t living up to your expectations?
If you’re an enthusiastic developer like me, I bet you must be thinking of developing your own customizable group calling application!

In this tutorial, we will develop a…

Guided tutorial with code snippets.


In today’s era, every person and company has gone digital to move ahead with the trends. …

One stop solution to make club and chapter recruitments in VIT simpler and hassle free.

In this blog, we’ll go through the role of clubs, teams and chapters in VIT and how you can join them.

What are Clubs, Teams and Chapters?

If you are a dancer and you are good at dancing, then you’ll love to hang out with people who are also dancers and choreographers. …

Ever thought only React apps could be Progressive Web Apps?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to convert any given website made using basic or no frameworks into a PWA.

Progressive Web App

What is a PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. This is an app built from the web technologies we all know and are proficient in (like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) but with…

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